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Aiden Greene/PARIAH I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 16, 2009 8:15 pm by Lisa Prince
The Major's Office likes to keep tabs on the Supers of Superville.

Post here to declare whether you are a Villain or a Hero.

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The Super Rankings
Aiden Greene/PARIAH I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2009 8:21 pm by Lisa Prince
Here in Superville, we have Rankings, to celebrate those who are truly Super. These are what the Ranks mean:

Civilain - 0 Star: Just your average normal human being.
0-149 Posts

Sidekick - 1 Stars: These are the helpers of Supers, not even really even considered a proper Super yet.
150-499 Posts

D - List Super - 2 Stars: These are the truly incompetent Supers. They either have useless powers, or they're just plain stupid. These are usually (but not always) humorous characters.

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On Battling/Fighting
Aiden Greene/PARIAH I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2009 9:18 pm by Lisa Prince
How to Battle:
For this forum, to ensure a fair battle we shall be using dices!

1. You have to press the reply button, not just the quick reply.

2. After you write your tid-bit, look below for the Dices.

3. Click the down button to pick which "Attack!" you'd like (Punch, Kick, Powers)

4. The number on the right is the number of roles you can make with that dice. (The max is 2. If a player does more than two then it will be disreguarded)

5. If you click the little plus …

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General Rules
Aiden Greene/PARIAH I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2009 10:04 pm by Lisa Prince

1. All general forum rules apply here

2. CYBER SEX is prohibited. If you must include romance of some sort, a kiss with no explicit details is allowed.

3. You are allowed to have more than one character, however... they must be Heroes if you are a Hero, Villains if you are a Villain. That means you can't play both sides. However, you can be a civilian. EDIT: You can have a Villain character if you are a Hero and vise versa, however, they must be MINOR characters. ((But please …

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PostSubject: Aiden Greene/PARIAH   Aiden Greene/PARIAH I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 26, 2011 5:06 am

(this character is heavily inspired by PARIAH from [Prototype], I bought [Prototype] off xbox 360 marketplace a few weeks ago)
Name/Alterego: Aiden Greene

Work Place: None

Age:34 (appears 10 years younger)

Personality: Aiden is a borderline sociopath.he is said to be the final purpose of all life on earth, a completely perfect genetic being, but still shows signs of disregard for human life, being responsible for five deaths in captivity for the past 40 years. Aiden also has a special liking for sugar cubes, which were fed to him on his birthdays along with his regular MRE's by scientists who pitied him.


Biomass Manipulation - He can absorb the organic (or inorganic) mass of other living creatures, converting it into more biomass, which appears as black gunk with a few light navy blue veins. This process sustains and regenerates Aiden's health. In addition, Aiden can consume individuals, absorbing their knowledge, skills, and abilities, which he can call upon at will. He can manipulate his physical form to create weapons to attack his enemies, generate armor to defend himself, and take on the appearance of another person to disguise himself. Aiden can create rudimentary weapons and armor including razor sharp claws capable of cleaving a man in two, forming additional muscle from the biomass contained in his body, concentrating biomass into his fists into cudgels that can pulverize armored vehicles, a sharp tentacle that can strike foes from a city block away, a massive blade on his arm, forming plates of hardened biomass around himself like a suit of armor and channeling a large amount of biomass into his left arm molded into a near impenetrable black shield.

Superhuman Attributes- Aiden's strength allows him to lift cars and other vehicles,and throw such objects great distances.He can kill a human with a single, glancing blow, and is capable of punching holes through flesh, bone, and body armor if necessary. Aiden's speed, agility, and stamina is far greater than humans. He can achieve running speeds surpassing cars, around 60 mph, and he can perform flips and rolls and maneuvers over and around vehicles and debris with little trouble. His leg strength allows him to leap nearly ten stories into the air. Aiden can run up sheer vertical surfaces and cling to walls. Aiden is also capable of gliding, by making his biomass lighter in the air and ejecting small amounts of mass for further propulsion. Aiden's durability is much greater than a normal humans. This allows him to survive falls from any height completely unharmed. Bullets of any caliber will pass through his body, causing very little damage. Aiden's senses are inhumanly keen and he seems to have a robust immune system.

Lack of Biomass - Attacks will drain Aiden of his biomass and without anything to consume or if kept from consuming and regenerating himself he will die. (if any biomatter touches his corpse it will consume it and bring him back to life. complete incineration is the only way to permanantly kill him)

Superhero or Supervillain: Neither, Tends to be a villain

Archrival: None

Appearance:Greene's Casual outfit consists of converse hightops(https://www.converse.com/#/products/shoes/converseone/builder/chuTayHiCan1010,,,235663296), black skinny jeans, a light navy blue t-shirt, and a black skinny hoodie. Aiden is decievingly scrawny despite having superhuman strength,speed,agility,stamina and endurance. Aiden's eyes are light navy blue with a layer of black on the inside edge of the iris.

Aiden Greene/PARIAH Gerard10

History/Backstory (How you get your powers in story from):
On June 11, 1964 a government experiment was tested on Hope, Idaho.The cover story was that it was a military experiment to test self sufficient towns in case of a nuclear war. The virus was disguised as a "harmless" solution simulating fallout and the townsfolk eagerly participated in the tests, literally "rolling up their sleeves" for the reserachers to inject them with the substance. As part of it, 461 subjects were infected with a virus called Blacklight, a virus designed as a biological warfare agent, targeting those of a predetermined race.

Initially, the results were nonexistent, humans did not exhibit any immediate changes or alterations. It was not until 1965 and the birth of the first of the so-called "Hope Children" Children from parents infected with the virus, that the effect of the virus manifested. However, for 998 days, the virus remained dormant, outside of the children. Later the virus found a perfect host in a woman named Elizabeth Greene, as her genetic makeup was uniquely suited to its purposes. Instead of being consumed by the virus, she became a staging ground for new mutant strains while her own took control of the town, turning the people into mindless slaves, protecting her. military forces were forced to cleanse the town, though some townspeople attempted to fight them off. For two days the military skirmished with the victims, but finally they pulled out and shelled the town. The military moved in as the last survivors barricaded themselves in the hospital. When the military infiltrated the hospital Elizabeth had given birth to a son.

Her child, Codenamed "Pariah" was separated from her, sent to a clean room in an airforce base and became the prime test subject in "PROJECT:CRUSADE" and was responsible for five deaths by unknown means during his thirty-four years of captivity (Whether it is sociopathic behavior or if the virus was responsible for the deaths is unknown). Sometime during his last year of captivity he escaped for unknown reason and left wherever he was being kept. Aiden has recently wandered to Superville.
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Aiden Greene/PARIAH
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